Hunting for others, seeking the Truth (hunter_seeker) wrote,
Hunting for others, seeking the Truth

Group Intelligence in Complex Systems

When groups of individual units come together, they sometimes work as if controlled by a unifying/group intelligence. E.g. Flocks of birds, fish etc.
The human body is made up of individual cells, all working together with a unifying intelligence, in a similar way.
Even plasma seems to show some form of control in the way in which it moves.

Why would the human race as a whole be any different? We are a lot more complex, yes, but if we moved out far enough, would we be able to see the unifying/group intelligence that appears to be controlling us?

As above, so below. The patterns of humanity as a whole, refelct the general patterns within each individual. Details of the individuals are different, but the underlying patterns are the same.
We talk about our 'inner demons' .. Could the 'Satan' figure, be the group expression of these inner demons spread across the whole of humanity, as a group intelligence?
And by the same token, could the polar opposite of the dark, be the good side of people, expressing itself on a higher level encompassing all of humanity.
For all appearances, if you viewed what was going on from enough distance, then it might appear that there was a controlling intelligence for each side, its just hard to view from where we are. If you look at a flock of birds or school of fish, all moving and turning in unison :- if we didn't know they were individual birds, we might theorise that they were one organism.
Our perspective is skewed because we are the individual units, and people often want to believe they have the free will to do anything.

Is this where the religious perspective of "God" and "Satan" fighting over the souls of humanity, comes from? The two unifying intelligences fighting each other, in the same way people have internal conflicts? (I use the terms God and Satan in a general sort of way to represent light and dark, rather than a specific reference)

Of course above this, the fusion of the two sides, could be viewed as another intelligence, more balanced.. That would be more like a complete human itself, with light and dark sides.

How far out can you go?
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