Hunting for others, seeking the Truth (hunter_seeker) wrote,
Hunting for others, seeking the Truth


Society teaches working people to judge their self worth by how much money they make, what their salary is.
When people judge themselves by this standard, they get used to seeing themselves being worth a certain
amount, as a dollar value. When most people get new job and are paid less, or have a pay cut, their own
feeling of self worth drops along with that.
Of course, people want to evolve, and like themselves better, and increase their feeling of worth, so over
time they feel they should be paid more, get better jobs with higher salaries/more responsibility etc... they
don't want to go backwards.
With many buisiness people and corporate managers, their passion to succeed is driven by a low self worth, and
a need to prove to others they are worthy by showing how much money they have, or how much profit they are
making. To go backwards, means they must be failing at 'life', so they must go forwards, whatever
consequences. Thus concessions are made ethically, in the name of profit.

Profit itself, is just an expression of the human insecurity of putting others down, to make yourself feel
more worthy.

Which is why profit fucks everything.
At its core its just an expression of a human insecurity.
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