Hunting for others, seeking the Truth (hunter_seeker) wrote,
Hunting for others, seeking the Truth

Self Worth

This society breeds insecurity.
Insecurity is fought internally by a sense of self worth. Self worth gives self confidence and trust in ones own judgement. Society strips away self worth, and replaces it with societal worth, so that people's own internal sense of their worthiness depends of what society as a whole, and what other people around them, think of them.
The opinions of most people are swayed by the opinions of society, pushed by the TV and the newspapers, the politicians and big businessmen, therefore the sense of self worth of most people in governed directly and indirectly to be what society expects of them.
Now this might work in a small community, with people loving and supporting one another, but when transposed onto a larger society like ours, where its defining structure - Capitalism - is literally 'every man for themselves', then this corrupts each individual. Each individual then becomes both prisoner and jailer in a society, that really does very little for anyone, other than a very small percentage at the top, with a controlling interest. Everyone feels trapped by the expectations of those around them, while simultaneously absorbing those expectations of society and placing them on other people. With their own sense of self worth eroded, and with societal expectation the only way of 'feeling good about themselves', people are forced to compromise their morals, and make judgement calls that might be against their internal programming because they feel they have no choice. They are broken to the point where they believe what they feel is wrong, and what everyone else is doing is right.. to the point where they won't even realise *what* it is they are feeling.
Now sure, along the way, some individual choices might be made, with someone following their own judgement.. But by and large, the things that really matter, they don't even realise aren’t their own choice. The fact that things could, and SHOULD be different, never enters their heads.
When people start trusting their own judgement and listening to themselves, things start to appear very different to the ways we are told they should be.
When people have no sense of self worth, they adopt and accept the paradigm that is forced upon them. Thus it is in the interest of those who set the paradigm to keep people's self esteem low.. thus they never question anything but themselves.

For example - An owner of a large business seeks an employee, so he can make more profit (a lot more than he will pay the employee). He is thinking of himself and his own bank account (the definition of capitalism). He wants a good worker, who will do what he's told, work hard and take responsibility himself for part of the owners profit. Now the sort of worker that the employer wants is not human, they will have expectations of this person that will go against the programming of the person themselves (e.g. Getting up early, 30 mins for lunch, inflexible hours etc.) So the person will be forced to change who they are, and what they feel is right, if they are to be employed and given the 'privilege' of given a wage and surviving. Thus the business owner sets the paradigm, and the worker is forced to change himself to fit into it. After years of doing this, peoples own beliefs change and they themselves believe and parrot the same paradigm, when all along, this way of thinking was originally set so the capitalist business owner could make more profit for himself. The worker will see other people who don't work hard, as slackers, and will instil this sentiment into those around him. Thus other people, whose sense of self worth is eroded, feel they have to work hard and change themselves to feel self worth. - So now most peoples sense of self worth and belief paradigm is set by a business owner who's only though was making more profit for himself.

Sure, this might be a relatively simplistic version of it, but the mechanics of it are going on around you - look around.

Trust your own judgement, trust yourself. If something doesn't seem 'right' ... look into it deeper and find out why.

"You're here because you know something. What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad."
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