Hunting for others, seeking the Truth (hunter_seeker) wrote,
Hunting for others, seeking the Truth


Automation is coming and its going to change everything.
So many jobs will be replaced, many, many people will be unable to work and unable to afford to survive.
Large companies, corporations and politicians will decry these people as lazy, and that it's their own fault they can't get jobs, while simultaneously replacing the jobs of these people with machines.
There needs to be a guaranteed welfare payment, a living wage, for all humans. Not only will this allow them to survive, but it will allow the companies that depend on consumers to survive.There will of course be resistance from the upper classes, but that's an incredibly short sighted view that is only looking for short term gain, and not actual sustainable society. If this is not done, their will be huge swathes of unemployment, huge discontent and many many more riots and civil unrest over the unfairness of the existing system. It has already begun, but it's at a level slower than most people are able to pay attention to. Like the way the sun moves across the sky just below the perceptable level of movement, society is changing in ways people don't realise beneath the surface, and unless we start thinking about the future NOW and start planning for it.. there is going to be chaos.
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